How To Buy AAVE Coin In India? [Complete Guide]

The cryptocurrency market has one of the exciting sectors called decentralized finance. AAVE is a decentralized finance crypto protocol that uses Blockchain technology and guides users in lending and borrowing cryptocurrencies. The best part is that it does not need an intermediate as the complete system works autonomously using the framework set and used by Ethereum. Being a decentralized lending system, AAVE has created the interest of many in the Defi sector. If you want to expand your investment in cryptocurrency, you can think about AAVE as it is one of the best options. You will learn more about AAVE and how you can buy it in India using Indian currency and different platforms that allow the purchase of AAVE.


About AAVE Cryptocurrency:

AAVE is a decentralized system responsible for increasing the interest of investors in the Decentralized Finance market. After it got launched, the creators of AAVE made their network open to all so that anyone can access it. It is best suited for the company as well as retail investors. Moreover, it is easy to use. All these features have made it grow as the most successful Defi app worldwide. You might have heard about AAVE coins, and you might be thinking if you should invest in them or not. Also, if you are reading this article, you might be knowing about the major changes the world has seen in the economy owing to the crypto market. Looking at the previous price history of AAVE, it is predicted to hit the high rates by 2025. Also, it is a great option to invest in an altcoin that gives an option to gain interest by lending coins. If you are impressed with AAVE, then read how you can buy it in India.


How Can You Purchase AAVE Coin In India?

Trading the AAVE Coin is easy in India through multiple crypto exchange platforms, such as WazirX, Binance, CoinDCX, etc. These platforms allow the users to purchase, sell, or trade almost every crypto coin using Indian Rupees. Finding the right one that suits all your requirements and ensures the legal trading of the crypto coins is the main task before trading. I shall share some most trusted and reputed platforms that you can trust. In India, Binance is the most preferred choice of investors. Below is the step-by-step and detailed information for you to trade into various cryptos in INR:


Step 1: Go to the Binance mobile app or the website of Binance to sign up and provide the necessary details like email id and mobile number to register on Binance.

how to buy dogecoin in india

Buy AAVE on Binance

Step 2: Now open your email id to check the verification mail sent on it and verify your account by clicking on it.


Step 3: To start purchasing the AAVE Coin through Binance, firstly, you have to buy the USDT by going to the Buy Crypto and open the P2P Trading by clicking it. Now select the cryptocurrency as the USDT to get the different sellers’ names selling the USDT.


Buy AAVE on Binance

Step 4: Now, click on any of the seller names you prefer, and collect the bank account number of the seller, in which you will transfer the amount in exchange for the USDT purchased. You can also pick any payment method, such as UPI, NEFT, Net Banking, RTGS, and more, to transfer the money. 


Step 5: After transferring the amount to the seller, you will immediately receive the USDT in the Binance Wallet. Now, go and check your P2P Wallet and move the USDT amount into the Spot Wallet to buy AAVE Coins directly.


Step 6: Now, write AAVE in the Search Bar option to look for the AAVE Coin and click on it to select cryptocurrency under the Markets option given on the same page.


Step 7: Now check the price of the AAVE Coin. Add the count of the AAVE Coin you want to purchase and click on the Buy AAVE in order to confirm the order. You can check all the transactions made in the Order History.

buy aave coin

Buy AAVE on Binance


Other Cryptocurrency Exchanges:

A large number of crypto exchange platforms provide their services in India. You can start trading into the AAVE Coin or other cryptos through these exchanges. I am sharing two more crypto exchanges that allow the users to purchase AAVE Coin in INR. The users can directly buy any cryptocurrency through these platforms as there is no requirement of a currency conversion before trading. Let us know about these exchanges below:

  • CoinDCX:

CoinDCX is the most preferred and reliable cryptocurrency exchange platform in India, allowing its users to buy the AAVE Coin and a mountain of other crypto coins. It is one of the safest and trusted platforms, having thousands of active users daily. You can start using the CoinDCX by creating an account on it. It requires your email address to start. You need to follow some easy steps to complete the KYC and verify it. After the verification, you can add the amount to the CoinDCX Wallet using multiple payment options that include IMPS, NEFT, UPI, etc., in INR. Now, search for AAVE Coin under the Markets option, and add the count of the AAVE Coins you wish to buy, and click on the Buy. It is as simple as that to purchase AAVE Coin using Indian Rupees through this reputed platform.

Buy AAVE on CoinDCX

  • WazirX:

WazirX, now owned by Binance, is another best crypto exchange to trade and invest in the AAVE Coin or other cryptocurrencies. Started in 2018, WazirX had soon become the most popular platform for crypto traders in India. It has also gained a colossal user base and its transaction activities. Now it is on the list of top crypto exchanges in India. Like other platforms, you need to start by creating an account to purchase AAVE Coin using Indian Currency. Firstly, provide your email address and complete a few formalities to get the KYC done. Now deposit the funds into the WazirX Account using a number of payment methods, such as UPI, Bank transfer, NEFT, IMPS, RTGS, and more. Choose the AAVE Coin appearing under the Market option and click on it to purchase. Fill in the amount as per your preferences and verify your order. You can check the transactions made in the History available under the MY Orders option.

buy dogecoin in india

Buy AAVE on WazirX

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AAVE cryptocurrency is a great option to invest in as it has much potential. Also, experts believe that the decentralized lending system should replace the traditional money lending system. In fact, AAVE has proved to be a main driving force that acts as an innovation in the crypto market. Today it has become one of the big players in the Defi sector. The carious user-friendly features of AAVE make it grow and reliable network. I hope the information shared about AAVE was helpful to you.

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