How To Buy Cardano In India? [Complete Guide]

In recent times, the Cryptocurrency market has gained fame in a small period and provided high returns and profits. It has surprised the financial experts and people related to the financial fields, and it has convinced them to invest their money in the crypto market. Not only are a few but thousands of Cryptocurrencies available for you to trade. You can choose any of them considering the recent profits and losses for the investment or can select as per your preference. Initially, trading seems to be a bit difficult, but gradually, with time, you will know all the drowning required for making profits through Crypto Trading. Cardano, also called ADA, is one of the leading cryptocurrencies that had no voice in the crypto market a few years back. I will uncover all the necessary details about Cardano and how you purchase it in India using INR.

About Cardano:

Started in 2017, Cardano became the largest 3rd generation Cryptocurrency, having a market capitalization of $8 Billion. ADA is robotically giving rise to Cryptocurrencies in the crypto market. Cardano is planning to make some improvements in the upcoming time. It is so as being a technologically strong product is of no use if people do not get attracted towards it. It mainly comprises three main areas, which make ADA one of the uppermost cryptocurrencies in 2021. Also, Cardano had a vertical spike of touching the $10 billion market cap by taking just a time of 3 years. Bitcoin reached the same milestone by taking 3-times more than the ADA. Cardano stays at a stable price of 30 cents for each coin, making it a convincing milestone for the investors to accumulate. Being capable of dealing with smart contracts and transaction makes this currency an instinctive improvement for the rest of the cryptocurrencies in the crypto market, including Bitcoin.

How to Buy Cardano in India?

Purchasing Cardano or ADA through crypto exchange platforms using INR is not a big deal anymore. There are multiple exchanges available, including Binance, WazirX, BuyUcoin, CoinDCX, and many more. Using these platforms, you cannot only buy Cardano but thousands of other currencies. Follow the steps I have shared below for you to buy ADA through Binance in India.


Step 1: Open an account with Binance by providing your email id and setting a strong password. Now verify your identity by just completing the KYC process.

how to buy dogecoin in india

Buy Cardano on Binance

Step 2: You have to buy the USDT before purchasing the Cardano Cryptocurrency. First of all, go to the Binance Wallet and then the P2P page to purchase USDT. Choose a seller selling the USDT, and collect the payment details for making the payment to the chosen seller. Fill in the amount with which you want to start trading. Now select the mode of payment as per your preferences.


Buy Cardano on Binance

Step 3: Use the selected payment option for paying the money to the seller in Indian Rupees. Once you have made the payment, get back to the Binance account and check the Wallet. Your P2P Wallet must get credited with the USDTs.

Buy Cardano on Binance

Step 4: The USDTs need to be deposited into your Spot Wallet before using them for purchasing Cardano / ADA. Get back to the Binance Wallet and then P2P Trading Option. Hover the mouse onto the Transfer option and hit a click on it in order to transfer the amount to the Spot Wallet in Binance. It is not necessary to transfer the entire amount to the Spot Wallet. You can also use partial amounts like one-fourth, half, and three-fourth as per your requirements.

Buy Cardano on Binance

Step 5: Now, you are all set to purchase Cardano. Go to the Market button and search Cardano. You will be redirected to a new page displaying all the Cardano related price details. Now hover the mouse onto the Buy ADA option appearing at the page’s bottom, fill in the USDT amount, and hit a click on it for the confirmation of your order. The quantity of the Cardano correspondent to the entered USDTs gets credited and appears in the order history of the Binance Account.


Buy Cardano on Binance

Other Cryptocurrency Platforms:

  • BuyUCoin:

BuyUCoin is an exchange platform through which the traders can buy multiple cryptocurrencies like Ripple, Bitcoin, Cardano, Ethereum, etc. BuyUcoin is a Delhi-based company having a three-factor authentication for traders, making it one of the most reliable and safest options for trading. For buying Cardano through this platform, open a BuyUcoin Account by providing the email and mobile number. Now get the KYC process done and enter the bank details for the payment. Now you can purchase Cardano using Indian Currency.

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Buy Cardano on BuyUcoin

  • WazirX:

WazirX is a well-known name in the crypto exchange platforms in India that offers you to buy Cardano / ADA and a range of currencies at the best price. WazirX, in India, has recorded exceptional growth in the past couple of years. It makes buying Cardano as easy as that by just going along with a few effortless and simple steps. Firstly, register on WazirX by just entering your email id to open a WazirX Account. Now provide the bank details, and everything is set for you to purchase Cardano through WazirX using Indian Rupees. Deposit some funds to your WazirX Wallet using any of the payment options and start trading Cardano. Now you see the purchased ADA present in the order history of WazirX.

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Buy Cardano on WazirX

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In a nutshell, Cardano is the best option for trading as it is technologically robust crypto. Keeping its history considered, investing the money in ADA is considered to be profitable trading because it took only three years to reach the market cap of $10 Billion. You can also purchase Cardano to get high returns in the future. I have explained all the necessary information in this article, which everyone must know before buying Cardano. You can also follow the steps to purchase it through various crypto exchange platforms serving in India. So, do not wait and open an account with any of the reliable exchanges mentioned above for happy trading.

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