How To Buy DCR Coin In India? [New Coin?]

We have seen a tremendous spike in the cryptocurrency industry in the past couple of years. Started with Bitcoin, the crypto market kept hiking in terms of the user base and active user’s activities. Considering the high returns from Bitcoin, thousands of other cryptocurrencies came into existence in this field. People from different parts of the world made up their minds to trade or invest in cryptocurrencies to earn more profits. Decred, also called DCR, is also one of these cryptocurrencies that unexpectedly gained massive traction in a few months. As a result of this, more traders started investing in DCR to get high returns and profits. In this article, I shall share the essential information about Decred or DCR and how you can buy it in India using Indian Currency.


About Decred or DCR:

Launched in 2016 by Jake Yocom-Piatt, the CEO of 0 Company, Decred, also known as DCR, is a Blockchain designed to solve the scalability problems that troubled Bitcoin. It also features both the Proof of Stake and Proof of Work. The Proof of Stake ticket holders get 30% of block rewards, Proof of Work Miners get 60%, and 10% go for financing the treasury of the teams. Decred takes on a number of design elements from Bitcoin (BTC). Decred mainly focuses on a community, and DCR is a native coin of Decred. The teams of the creators included several former employees and developers of Bitcoin. To develop the Decred, Its creators took the risk to back the entire project financially from their own money.


How to Buy the DCR in India?

It does not matter to the traders and investors that numerous cryptocurrency exchange platforms are available to serve Indian users, but what matters the most is the assurance of safety and reliability. Today, I shall describe the best service providers in the crypto market. Binance is the most preferred cryptocurrency exchange by Indian investors to buy DCR or any crypto coins using Indian Rupees. Apart from Binance, WazirX, CoinDCX, Giottus, and a few more names that people would choose for trading, and are on the list of the top crypto exchange platforms in India. Below are some of the best crypto exchanges to assist you in crypto trading:


Step 1: To register a Binance account, you ought to visit the official website or install a mobile app of Binance and begin with a signup process using a valid email id and set a password.

how to buy dogecoin in india

Buy DCR on Binance

Step 2: Now, the verification of the email address and mobile number is a must for you start trading or investing in DCR.


Step 3: Hit a click on the Buy Crypto and select the Currency as INR. Now you have to open the P2P Trading option appearing under the Currency Drop Down by clicking on it.


Buy DCR on Binance

Step 4: A new page will open where you can buy the USDT from the seller before trading DCR or any other cryptocurrency.


Step 5: You have to collect the bank details of the seller by clicking the seller’s name. Make the payment to the seller using the same account in exchange for the USDT purchased through multiple modes of payment.


Step 6: If you have made the payment, get back to the Binance Account to check if the USDT bought gets deposited to the P2P Wallet. You must click on the Transfer option in order to deposit the purchased USDT into the Spot Wallet before purchasing the DCR. You can transfer the USDT amount in parts.


Step 7: Once the amount gets transferred to the Spot Wallet, you can buy the DCR. Go to the Market option and search for Decred or DCR in the Search Bar appearing on the same page.


Step 8: A search result list will open. Now click on DCR listed there, and enter the USDT amount for which you wish to purchase DCR by clicking on the Buy DCR option displaying at the bottom of the page and you are all done with purchasing DCR Coin.

buy dcr india

Buy DCR on Binance

Other Cryptocurrency Exchanges:

A diverse range of cryptocurrency exchange platforms provides the best possible way of trading DCR Coin to investors and traders from across the world with INR. But trusting every crypto exchange may be risky. Do not worry, as I shall be sharing the most reliable and trusted crypto exchange platforms, assuring you safe and secured trading in the cryptocurrency industry. Below are two more crypto exchanges:


  • CoinDCX:

CoinDCX is a crypto exchange founded in 2017 and gained popularity in a couple of months, just after its launch in 2018. It soon built trust in Indian traders and investors by providing top-notch services in a short while. CoinDCX lets you trade DCR and over 200+ different crypto Coins and one fiat currencies with Indian Currency. Like other cryptocurrency exchanges, you need to open a CoinDCX Account with a valid email id and mobile number. Now verify your account by clicking on the mail sent to your email address. You can add funds to the CoinDCX Wallet to start trading DCR in India using Indian Rupees.

buy dogecoin

Buy DCR on CoinDCX

  • WazirX:

WazirX is the largest crypto exchange platform in India, where you can trade DCR and many other cryptocurrencies through its official website or mobile app. It is a Mumbai-based crypto exchange founded in 2018 by Nischal Shetty. WazirX assures quick and secure trading to its clients through its easy-to-use interface. To trade multiple cryptocurrencies in India, you need to open an account on WazirX by following a few steps and complete the KYC. Now add money to the WazirX Account to make transactions in the future. You can also select any payment option, such as IMPS, RTGS, NEFT, etc., for making the payment.

buy dogecoin in india

Buy DCR on WazirX

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To conclude this article, I would like to say that the Decred or DCR is one of the cryptocurrencies listed in the list of top 50 cryptocurrencies worldwide. It might have seen a fluctuation in its price values, but most of the crypto experts say that the price of Decred or DCR will touch a new height in the next few years. I have shared almost every detail crucial for you before trading or buying DCR and also explained how to buy it in India using Indian Rupees. I hope the article will be beneficial for you to trade DCR. Enjoy trading cryptocurrencies.

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