How to Buy KSM in India? – Step by Step Guide

Soon after the birth of Bitcoin (a digital cryptocurrency), thousands of other cryptocurrencies made their existence in the crypto world. It has made the crypto market a center of attraction for traders and investors all across the globe. Irrespective of the cons, such as losing money and daily fluctuation in the price value of each cryptocurrency, plenty of investors are willing to invest in this emerging industry. Undoubtedly, this emerging field has grown to a new height of success within a short while of a few years and become one of the first options for people to invest. Kusama, also known as KSM, is one of the cryptocurrencies that gained huge popularity in a short span of time. This article will contain all the crucial information for you to go through before investing in the KSM Coin and How to Buy KSM in India using INR.

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About Kusama or KSM Coin:

How to Buy KSM in India

Buy KSM on Binance

The KSM Coin is a native cryptocurrency of Kusama. Gavin Wood, who is a founder of Polkadot and ex-CTO & co-founder of the well-known cryptocurrency Ethereum, established Kusama in 2019. It is a scalable Blockchain platform launched using almost the same codebase as for another cryptocurrency called Polkadot with a similar mechanism, but it works 4x faster than the Polkadot network, excluding Blocktimes where Polkadot will take not more than 6 seconds. It is an experimental environment network for teams getting ready for deployment on Polkadot or wishing to initiate quickly on Kusama. Learn how you can buy KSM coins in India using Indian currency.

How to Buy KSM in India?

You can buy KSM in India with Indian Currency using a variety of crypto exchange platforms, such as WazirX, CoinDCX, Binance, and more that allow the investors and traders to buy the KSM Coin and many other cryptocurrencies using INR. There are some crypto exchanges like Binance, where you have to convert your money into USDT before purchasing the KSM Coins and other cryptocurrencies. I shall explain a few steps of Binance, following that you can purchase, sell, or trade any of the cryptocurrencies in India with Indian Rupees.

Step1: Create a Binance Account entering your email id, and set a strong password. Now you have to confirm your identity and complete the KYC to move ahead with trading on Binance.

Buy KSM on Binance

Step2: To start trading KSM, you will have to purchase the USDT first. For this, go to the Binance Wallet > P2P trading page and choose the seller that allows you to buy the USDT as per your preference. Now get the bank details of the seller to pay the amount corresponding to the USDT through different payment methods.

Step3: Using the payment option you preferred, you can pay the seller in INR. After completing the payment, check your Binance Wallet to confirm the transfer of the USDT in the P2P Wallet.

Step4: To buy the KSM, you first have to transfer the USDT amount to the Spot Wallet by clicking on the Transfer button appearing in the P2P Trading option. You can transfer the USDT amount as per your convenience, like 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100%.

Buy KSM on Binance

Step5: You can start buying KSM by going to the Market option and search KSM in the search bar. It will redirect you to a new page showing all the price details of KSM and confirm your purchase by clicking on the Buy KSM option. You can also check all the transactions made appearing in the Order History.

Other Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms:

How to Buy KSM in India

A variety of crypto exchange platforms claims to be the best in providing top-notch services to its users, charging a low fee for transactions and trading different cryptocurrencies. So choosing the best one is the first and most essential to start trading KSM Coin with Indian Rupees in India. Let us have a look at two more cryptocurrency exchange platforms serving in India and know how you can use these platforms to trade KSM Coin or other thousands of cryptocurrencies with INR. Below are the crypto exchanges that you can trust:

  1. CoinDCX:

How to Buy KSM in India

Buy KSM on CoinDCX

CoinDCX is a crypto exchange platform that traders and investors can use to buy, sell, or trade various digital assets or cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Dogecoin, KSM Coin, Ethereum, etc. CoinDCX is headquartered in Mumbai, India, and is the most popular crypto exchange. A large number of Indian traders trust this brand for trading cryptocurrencies in INR. Like other crypto exchange platforms, you need to create an account on CoinDCX before start trading KSM. It is so easy to register on CoinDCX by just completing a few steps of the KYC. Now you can add the funds into your CoinDCX Wallet and go to the Market option to start trading KSM Coin.

  1. WazirX:

How to Buy KSM in India

Buy KSM on WazirX

WazirX is also a crypto exchange that lets you buy KSM Coin or any other cryptocurrencies with Indian Currency. WazirX has recorded commendable growth in the past few years. You simply need to follow a couple of steps to trade KSM coins on this crypto exchange. Firstly, open an account on WazirX by entering an email id and get the KYC process done for identification purposes. Now enter your bank account and deposit the money to WazirX Wallet. You can prefer any payment method like UPI, NEFT, and some other to deposit the funds. Now everything is ready for you to trade KSM Coin using INR in India.


In this article, I have shared all the vital information related to the Kusama or KSM Coin and how to buy it in India with INR. There has been a boom recorded in its price value in recent times. As per the financial experts, the price value of Kusama or KSM Coin will spike in the future. You can buy it to gain think of gaining profits from it. I have shared the detailed information on Kusama or KSM Coin and also shared about how you can buy it in India with Indian Rupees. You can also stay tuned to get thorough information related to different cryptocurrencies present in the crypto market.

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