How To Buy Stellar In India? [Complete Guide]

The Cryptocurrency market is growing as people are becoming more aware of this digital currency business. It started with Bitcoin, and gradually a lot of cryptocurrencies came into the market and offered their customers huge profits and returns. Considering these profits, many of the financial experts started investing in the crypto market. Cemented its place in the list of most trusted and popular Cryptocurrency, Stellar ranks 5th in terms of market capitalization as its name or logo suggests Stellar presents a rocket launching that convinces you to think of innovative space travel. Apart from its top-notch marketing, Stellar also brought a revolution to the cryptocurrency market.

Initially, Stellar got launched with the goal of accelerating a smooth approach to money transfers globally in the cryptocurrency industry. Presently, the ecosystem of Stellar is well-recognized for its fast, trustworthy, reliable, and pocket-friendly transfer abilities.


What are Stellar Lumens?

Stellar Lumens (XLM Tokens) is a distributed payment platform that provides solutions to international payments at affordable charges. The customers can use it for issuing their own XLM Tokens. Stellar acts as a bridge between the financial and cryptocurrency worlds. It has expanded its base of partnerships with numerous well-known IT and Finance organizations, such as Deloitte, Stripe, and IBM. It also collaborated with several financial and payment-processing companies across Asia and Europe. The main purpose of Stellar to bring it into the Crypto market was to become the worlds’ digital payment platform through connecting payment systems, banks, and people. Using Stellar, the users can send money to anyone, anytime, anywhere, safely, and rapidly, with tiny transaction charges of lower than a cent. It also authorizes quick and low-cost transfers of the assets to anyone across the entire world.


How To Buy XLM Tokens In India?

There is a diversity of cryptocurrency exchange platforms. These platforms allow their users to invest in more than 2k cryptocurrencies available in the market. You can also buy XLM tokens and a wide range of other cryptocurrencies. But, when it comes to the most reliable and the most trusted exchange platforms, people prefer to go with WazirX, CoinDCX, Binance, Giottus, BuyUcoin, etc. What you only need to do is, create an account on any of the platforms mentioned above. These platforms have their own ways of serving users. There is no currency conversion required in most exchanges, and one can directly buy the XLM tokens using Indian Currency. On the other hand, Binance does not allow their customers to buy XLM tokens or any other cryptocurrency without its conversion into USDT. Let us have a look at some of the steps of WazirX, using which you can buy Stellar or XLM tokens in Indian Currency:


Step 1: First of all, register on the official website of WazirX by creating an account. You need to enter your email id and password for this process.

Buy Stellar on WazirX

Step 2: Provide your details to complete the KYC and authenticate your account.


Step 3: Go to the Funds tab and hit a click on the Deposit button, given in front of the Currency INR, and enter the amount, as per your preferences.

Buy Stellar on WazirX

Step 4: You can make the payment by selecting any mode of payment, such as UPI, PhonePe, IMPS, etc., and complete the payment process.


Step 5: Now go to the Exchange tab and search ‘Stellar’ in the search bar. The XLM will appear in the search list. Hit a click on it.

Buy Stellar on WazirX

Step 6: Enter the number of XLM tokens available on the right corner at the bottom of the page, and the equivalent amount to pay in INR will appear. Or you can choose to enter the amount as 25%, 50%, 75%, and the entire amount and the equivalent coins will get deposited into your account.


Step 7: Now, hover the mouse on the Buy XLM and click on it. The amount will get deducted from the funds.

Buy Stellar on WazirX


Other Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms:

If you feel uncomfortable using WazirX owing to any reason, there are multiple other platforms to purchase Stellar or XLM Tokens. Binance, Giottus, CoinDCX, BuyUcoin, etc., are some of the crypto exchange platforms that let you buy XLM tokens using INR with ease. Let us know how you can buy XLM using these platforms.


  • Binance:

One of the most trustworthy and appreciated crypto exchanges, Binance offers its clients easy trading in almost all the cryptocurrencies in the world. Having many advanced features, Binance provides a unique way of trading to the users. First of all, the users need to create a Binance Account and complete the KYC to start trading. Unlike other platforms, Binance never allows its users to buy the XLM tokens or any of the cryptocurrencies directly, as they must purchase the USDT first to invest in the crypto market by clicking on the Binance Wallet. Now select the USDT and choose the seller to buy it. Enter the amount and press the Buy USDT option. Select the mode of payment and collect the bank details of the seller. Pay the amount for the USDT purchased. Now pay the amount, and the USDT gets credited into your account. Now using the USDT, you can buy the XLM tokens.

The user has to hit a click on the Binance Wallet and go to the P2P options available. Now at the top of the screen, you will see an option to select the USDT. Now, as per your preference, you can choose the seller to purchase the USDT. Press the Buy USDT button after you fill in the amount.

how to buy dogecoin in indiaBuy Stellar on Binance


  • CoinDCX:

CoinDCX is a well-known crypto exchange that allows its users to buy over a thousand cryptocurrencies in Indian Currency. Its user-friendly and easy-to-use interface helps the clients on every step of trading. You need to follow a few steps to open a CoinDCX Account. Provide the details to finish the KYC process. Enter your bank details, in which you want to make the transactions through the wallet. Now deposit the amount in the wallet, using any payment options that include NEFT, UPI, IMPS, and more. Select XLM given under the Market Option and purchase it.

buy dogecoin

Buy Stellar on CoinDCX

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In this article, I have tried to give accurate information about trading the XLM tokens and how to buy them in India through different exchange platforms using Indian Currency. Stellar Lumens is the most trusted cryptocurrency that provides its users high returns and profits. The interested people need to create an account on any of the above-given platforms and start trading the XLM tokens by choosing a number of the payment options, such as Bhim, UPI, Bank Transfers, Mobikwik, and many more. These platforms are compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux to mine the XLM tokens. The main reason for the Stellar or XLM tokens being highly valuable in the crypto industry day by day is to gain popularity through social media platforms.

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