How to Buy TEZOS or XTZ Coins in India?

Almost every of the crypto exchange platforms in the crypto industry is centralized nowadays. Because of the increasing popularity and providing higher returns to investors, crypto trading has become a trend. Starting from Bitcoin, to Dogecoin, to Cardano, there is a countless number of cryptocurrencies available in the crypto world. The fluctuation in their price values every minute makes it a risky option for the investment. It also attracts the youth to trade into this world of gambling, as investing in cryptocurrencies gives enough profits to their users. TEZOS is one of the Blockchain networks that you can use to execute overseas payments, decentralized apps, and smart contracts. TEZOS has XTZ as its native coin. In the article, I shall share the information for easy trading the TEZOS or XTZ Coin and How to Buy TEZOS or XTZ Coins in India.

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About TEZOS:

TEZOS (XTZ) is a next-generation blockchain network, which consists of many advanced protocols enabling a set of applications. TEZOS supports smart contracts and decentralized application development. It has a digital token linked called tez. However, TEZOS is not dependent upon the mining of tez. But token holders get a reward for participating in the proof of stake mechanism. TEZOS has seen a few legal issues and delays, but it was able to survive in the cryptocurrency market. The price of TEZOS started increasing and became more than triple by February 2020. As a result, TEZOS started gaining the attention of various investors. Learn about the method of buying TEZOS using Indian currency.

How to Buy TEZOS or XTZ Coins in India?

Buy TEZOS or XTZ Coins in India TEZOS or XTZ Coin is a low-priced cryptocurrency that every trader can invest in it through multiple crypto exchange platforms in India with regular currency using INR. Reliability, safety, and trust are the main factors, which every investor looks for before trading the XTZ Coins. Here, I shall introduce you to the most trustworthy and reputed crypto exchanges serving in India, including Binance, CoinDCX, WazirX, and several other crypto exchanges. Follow the below steps on how to buy the XTZ Coin through Binance in Indian Currency.

Step 1: Opening a Binance Account is a very first step towards trading the XTZ Coin. You have to provide your email id or mobile number and set a password for the registration process.

Buy TEZOS or XTZ Coins in India

Buy XTZ on Binance

Step 2: Now, you have to complete the KYC steps and verify your email address or mobile number using the OTP sent.

Step 3: Once done with the KYC, hover the mouse onto the Buy Crypto appearing at the top of the screen and click it. Now select the Currency as INR. You have to click on the P2P Trading option to buy the USDT first.

Step 4: A list of the sellers that sell the USDT will display after opening the P2P Trading option.

Step 5: As per your likings and preferences, you can choose any seller and collect their bank account details by clicking on the seller’s name.

Step 6: You can select any payment method from the various payment methods, such as IMPS, NEFT, UPI, and many more, to make the payment to the seller. There is also a Chat Option, through which you can let the seller know about the payment status.

Step 7: Now check your Binance Wallet by getting back to the Binance Account and confirm if the USDT amount gets credited. You must send the USDT amount to your Spot Wallet in parts or the full as per your need.

Step 8: Now, move the cursor and click to the Markets option and search for the TEZOS or XTZ on the same page.

Buy TEZOS or XTZ Coins in India

Buy XTZ on Binance

Step 9: You can enter the amount using which you can buy the XTZ Coin. Now, click the Buy XTZ option appearing at the bottom of the page to make your order.

Buy TEZOS or XTZ Coins in India

Buy TEZOS on Binance

Other Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms:

If you feel uncomfortable with Binance and want to try any other crypto exchange to buy or trade TEZOS or the XTZ Coin, you can go with other crypto exchanges to invest in the XTZ Coin using Indian Rupees.


A well-reputed name in the crypto exchange platforms, CoinDCX offers its users to buy, sell, or trade the XTZ Coin and over 200 cryptocurrencies in India using Indian Rupees. CoinDCX charges a small amount for making the transactions from its users. To invest in the crypto coins, you need to open a CoinDCX Account by entering your email id and complete the KYC. Now, you can do the verification process to get ahead for trading XTZ Coin or any other cryptocurrency in INR. Completing the KYC is optional, but the withdrawal limit depends on the KYC in CoinDCX.

Buy TEZOS or XTZ Coins in India

Buy XTZ on CoinDCX


Giottus is on the list of the best cryptocurrency exchange platforms in India. It allows users to invest in the XTZ Coin, and plenty of other cryptocurrencies, with regular money using INR. If you know nothing about how to start, Giottus is the best and safe platform for you. Like other exchanges, you also have to create a Giottus Account. After the registration on Giottus, you must complete your KYC process for your authentication on this platform. After setting up the account, you can add money to the Giottus Wallet and start trading the XTZ Coins using INR.

How to Buy TEZOS or XTZ Coins in India

Buy XTZ on Giottus


TEZOS or XTZ Coin is the best investment option for traders also a low-cost cryptocurrency that anyone can afford to trade into it through the most reliable and trustworthy crypto exchanges in India. TEZOS has also witnessed a spike in its active users and value in the past couple of years. In this article, I have provided the information that I feel vital for you to start trading the XTZ Coin and how to purchase it in India using Indian Rupees. You can choose any of the crypto exchanges described above for safe and secure trading. Hopefully, this article will work as a guide that allows you to invest and trade in the XTZ Coin in India. Stick around to know more about other cryptocurrencies and enjoy trading.

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