How To Buy TRX Coin In India? [Complete Guide]

The trading in cryptocurrencies has become a center of attraction, not only for the financial experts but also for traders and investors. Despite it being risky, the investments and the trade in this industry have not waned, but progressively, experiencing the growth in the number of users. There is an excessive range of crypto exchange platforms in India, which offer various options in trading and investment. What mainly matters is choosing the right cryptocurrency that can give high returns. Tron (TRX) is one of the Cryptocurrencies that you can choose for trading on fiat currency. In this article, you will get through information and know how you can purchase it in India.


About Tron:

Started in 2017 by a man named Justin Sun, Tron, also called TRX Coins, is mainly designed to control credit sharing, storage, development, and payment for the digital networks, all across the globe. So the traders possessing the TRX Coins can have the proper command over the entire data they generate, which includes how it can get allocated to the people. Some of the Key Elements of TRX are as below:

Exodus: Presently, going through this stage, the TRX Coins offer a P2P forum with charging zero for the contribution of the content regarding the entertainment industry.

Odyssey: During this phase, Tron places the economic incentives to boost the growth and authorization of the content. The clients of Tron must be capable of making a transaction through Tron.

Apollo: Using this element, the content creators can create their own token for free of cost.

Stage: In this step, Tron will review a number of considerations that include dealing with loyal supporters, controlling the dividends, and income taxes.

Eternity: It assists the developers in sponsoring the mass creation by inspiring an audience to raise funds in the games of their interests.


How To Buy Tron Or TRX Coins In India?

The extensive variety of Cryptocurrency exchange platforms in India has made the trading of various cryptocurrencies simple and straightforward. Binance, Giottus, and WazirX are some of the exchanges serving in India. You can buy almost all the cryptos through these exchanges using INR. Here, I shall share the step-by-step guide to purchasing TRX Coins using Indian Rupees through a Binance Account. Have a look at the below-given steps for easy trading with Binance:


Step 1: Go to the Binance website or mobile app and sign up on it as it is the first step to enter into the crypto market. You only require opening a Binance Account as you do the same on any other platforms, even If you are a newbie to Binance. Using the registered email id, you can start an account and set a secret code as a password for safety.

how to buy dogecoin in india

Buy TRX on Binance

Step 2: After completing signup, you need to verify your email id and mobile number, which you give during a signup. Now the account verification is complete.


Step 3: Hover the mouse on the option “Buy Crypto” and click on it. Now choose the currency as INR and click on the P2P Trading option, given below the Currency Drop-Down option.


Step 4: A new page in which you can trade or purchase the USDT will open. Choose the USDT option given above on the page. Here, you also need to pick a seller from the below-given list.


Step 5: Hover the mouse onto the Seller name and collect the payment details in which you will deposit the amount in the exchange of the USDT by simply clicking on it. Now using the previously selected payment method, send the amount to the seller.

Buy TRX on Binance

Step 6: Now move back to the Binance Account to check the USDTs, get deposited to your P2P Wallet. You can also transfer the purchased USDTs to your Spot Wallet by pressing the Transfer button. The Spot Wallet allows you to purchase TRX Coins. You can select an option to transfer the USDT amount in parts like one fourth, half, or a full.


Step 7: Now, purchasing the TRX Coins is on the go once your Spot Wallet receives the USDTs. What you only have to do is, hit a click on the Market Option, and on the same page, you can use the search bar option to search Tron or TRX Coins.


Step 8: In the search list, hit a click on the TRX Coin and fill in the USDTs. Now press the button stating “Buy TRX”, available at the bottom on the same page. After the confirmation of your order, the purchased TRX Coins directly get transferred into your Binance Account.

how to buy trx coin in india

Buy TRX on Binance


Other Exchange Platforms:

Many of the crypto exchange platforms offer various services, using which you can start trading and investing in the cryptocurrency market in India. You can select one to buy the TRX Coins and many other cryptocurrencies. Below are some of the most trusted brand names of the crypto exchanges, such as Giottus, CoinDCX, BuyUcoin, WazirX, and many more, which you can rely upon for safe and secure trading. Let us talk about some of them below:

  • Giottus:

A big name in the crypto market that you can trust and rely upon is Giottus. It allows its clients to invest or buy almost every cryptocurrency using Indian Rupees. Giottus is the safest platform for the people who do not know anything about trading and investments into the crypto industry, as Giottus guides in the way, so the trading becomes simple for them. Firstly, open a Giottus Account by completing some formalities and the KYC process. Once it gets done, you can deposit the money into your Giottus Account Wallet and buy TRX Coins.

buy ethBuy TRX on Giottus


  • CoinDCX:

CoinDCX is also a safe option to exchange crypto in India. It lets you purchase a diversity of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tron, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and many more. CoinDCX has the same steps as other exchange platforms for the customers to follow. Go to the official website of CoinDCX and create an account by entering an email id and phone number, and get done with the KYC. Now enter the bank details in which you will carry on all the transactions. Deposit the funds to the CoinDCX Wallet. In the beginning, you can use a small amount and invest a high amount when you have collected thorough information about the platform. Search the TRX Coin and purchase it by pressing the Buy option. For purchasing it, you need to use the amount that your Wallet contains. Now you can enjoy trading.

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Buy TRX on CoinDCX

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It was all about Tron or TRX Coin and how to purchase it in India. Tron is a cryptocurrency giving its buyers an opportunity to have complete authorization and full possession of the created data, which they can use independently. In this article, I have had a go on providing brief information about the TRX Coins. I have also explained how you can purchase the TRX Coins using Indian Rupees on various cryptocurrency platforms. I hope it will assist you in buying Tron.

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